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We produce bread from regionally grown grain

Since the bakery was founded in 1969, Kohberg has been Danish-owned, and our roots are still firmly planted in the soil of Southern Jutland. It’s also quite natural for us to bake with flour from cereals grown in Denmark. We use Danish raw ingredients as far as possible, and the main ingredient in our bread is always Danish flour. When you see the red/white “Danish flour” logo on our bread bags, you can be sure that you’re buying Kohberg bread baked in Denmark by our trained bakers, with Danish flour.

But some of our bread also includes ingredients which unfortunately we can’t get in Denmark in the quantities and quality we need throughout the year. These include carrots, sunflower seeds and other seeds and grains. When these ingredients are in the product’s name, for example the sunflower seeds in our Sunflower Bread, we state their origin on the bag and write both “Danish flour” and “with sunflower seeds from the EU”. The same applies to other ingredients that we can’t obtain within Denmark and that make up a large part of the finished product. This means you’re never in doubt about what’s in your bread.

Flour is our main ingredient and we use a lot of it every year. So it matters where it comes from. With Danish flour, the individual loaf of bread emits about 20 percent less CO2 than if we use flour that has been shipped here from abroad. At Kohberg we want to fight to make a difference – and here we can actually make a difference. In addition, the quality of Danish crops and foods such as flour is monitored very closely. This means that when we bake with ingredients grown in Denmark, you’re assured a high level of food safety. For the same reason, Kohberg only uses flour from cereals grown without straw-shortening agents and without pesticides containing glyphosate.

By buying Danish flour, Kohberg supports Danish farmers, and at the same time helps secure Danish jobs both in agriculture and in industries that provide goods and service to agriculture. Baking with Danish flour is our way of giving back to the society that Kohberg has been a part of for more than 50 years.