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Rye bread snacks from Denmark

Danish rye bread is a classic, but have you heard of rye bread snacks? The crunchy snack is quick and easy to eat on the go, satisfies with a good conscience and has a variety of uses.

Baked with regionally grown grain

Since the bakery was founded in 1969, Kohberg has been Danish-owned, and our roots are still firmly planted in the soil of Southern Jutland. It’s also quite natural for us to bake with flour from cereals grown in Denmark.

Traditional Danish smørrebrød

Traditional Danish smørrebrød is currently thriving and experiencing a major revival. The many new interpretations give the Danish lunch classic a modern twist and make it an exciting gourmet experience around the world. Are you ready to explore the new smørrebrød trends?

Delicious classic pastries with new flavours

We have given a new twist to a number of classic Danish pastries and cakes. Explore our expanding universe of pastries and cakes.

Danish pastries are genuine Danish hygge, and behind the light, flaky and crispy pastries is a special technique and superior craftsmanship. At Kohberg, we do everything so you can offer your guests unique pastries, and so for almost two years we have developed and perfected the methods and ingredients behind our pastries. We bake our pastries with barn eggs, natural flavourings and aromas, and we only use RSPO certified roll-in margarine. Our bakers are experts in the special lamination technique, which is the secret behind the light and flaky texture of the Danish pastries.

We strive for perfection every time, whether it is pastry, rye bread or something else that we are baking. There is superior craftsmanship in everything we bake.


Quality bread and pastries for all situations


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We have baked for consumers and professional kitchens for generations, and our experienced staff is ready with inspiration and advice on everything from baking and the use of bread to operations and finances. 

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Quality bread for everyone

Quality bread should be available to everyone, every day. This is what drives us and gives us a reason to go to work every day. We have set a clear framework and formulated a vision, a mission and a set of values with honest and down-to-earth values.


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